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The Leading Cattle Grid & Drainage Products Manufacturer

We manufacture a range of quick fit and drop-in style cattle and deer grids to suit a variety of applications. 

All our cattle grids are made to BS4008:2006, fully galvanised and hedgehog friendly. They are low maintenance, cost effective, and quick to install.

We also manufacture a range of drainage products specially designed to keep run-off from farm and forestry tracks, industrial sites and residential driveways.  As part of our range we have drains to deal with debris which may otherwise block smaller channels as well as drains which need to be pedestrian and animal friendly.

All our drains have full hgv loadings and therefore there is no need to worry about them not being up to the job.

Compare Price - Compare Quality 
Cheap grids are generally cheap for a reason!  See our Frequently asked questions for your guide on how to compare quality and make sure what you buy is fit for purpose

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  • Highway, Agriculture/Forestry & Residential Designs
  • BS 4008 Compliant 
  • Quick Fit Drop-in Designs
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost Effective
  • Hedgehog Friendly
  • Uncompromised quality